What is feint?

Have a nosy government, employer or school? Are you against your personal web history being sold by your Internet Service Provider? Run Feint to effectively hide your intended web activity in plain site. Feint will browse the web in the 'background' committing misleading DNS requests.

Feint is not intended to replace other web-based anonymity tools. It is simply another layer, adding the ability to bury your activity in false web traffic. Pair this autonomous browsing with a VPN, proxy or Tor Browser for extra strength.

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  • Randomly navigates 1,000,000+ websites.
  • Repeatedly sends DNS requests.
  • Replicates average time users spend on websites based on ISP research.
  • Anonymizes data set that can identify you through Big Data/machine learning.
  • Zero setup or technical knowledge required.
  • Negligible impact on web-performance compared to VPN, proxy or Tor Browser.


Websites have not been sanitized and include every genre. By clicking 'Start' you agree that you are at least 18 years of age.

Some requests refuse to render in iFrames hoping to prevent clickjacking attacks. These will be passed momentarily.

Disclaimer: Your CPU may be leveraged to mine crypto currency in exchange for this free service.